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Innovative & Secure Water Cooler, no need of water supplement
For users with smaller cases
CPU Power: 130 W
CPU Support (Standard): Intel LGA 1156
CPU Support (Option): Intel 775/1366 or AMD AM2/AM3

Product Introduction
Generic cooler cannot completely satisfy users who played overclocking, so they are targeting to the water coolers with better cooling capability, ability of long-time keeping CPU cool. But users feel hesitating and repulsive about the price、technology、quality and complex system fittings of water cooler products. AVC and the leading CPU manufacturers have researched and developed the cooling technology of CPU system together. With advanced technology, they developed the across-platform Aqua-Cool series which let the users with dissatisfaction about cooler but with little knowledge about water cooler be in possession of simple, secure and trustful machine, as well as get long-time steady overclocking system and lower noisy environment.

The common water coolers in market always advocated popular and transparent pipeline design, and emphasized the water level change visually in order to supplement water in time, but water leaking always seriously damaged the important component and body of the machine. Unlike the common water coolers, the first product Hercules of AquaCool Series adopts patent design, no need of water supplement, but can adequately take advantage of water cooling, as well as takes consideration of the limited space of enclosure and the simple installation for Aqua-Cooling system, especially integrates the important component to aqua cooling header and reveals superiority of mystery、sense and calmness with black material.

Hercules of AquaCool Series is a completely sealed CPU water cooler, with integrative & contracted design and consisting of integrated aqua cooling head and 12CM intelligent controlling-temperature fan. The whole set of aqua cooling system components are simple and easy to install. The water tank and water pump in aqua cooler are both integrated into the small black box on the top of aqua cooling head, which can improve the performance and efficiency, and save space, as well as guarantee the cycle of single CPU aqua cooling head. The round and projecting bottom of aqua cooling head adopts all-copper integrative design. The polished bottom is propitious to closely touch with CPU; combined with 12CM alloy bearing fan whose revolution speed is adjustable, which makes CUP and the peripheral electric components work in the lower temperature, then effectively improves the stability of whole system.

Unlike the complex fittings and installation flow of other aqua cooling system, Hercules of AquaCool Series combined multi-accessories into only one and it is easy to install without need of adding extra water. It greatly reduced the space of cooler and difficulty for installation, at the meantime, adopting Neopren thermostable and sealed water pipe without worry about leaking water. Both the body of machine and the water pipe are durable and anti- corrosive, avoiding the beginner’s annoyance when performing installation. Hercules of AquaCool Series adopts across-platform modularization design, supporting both Intel P4 LGA775 and AMD AM2.It is not necessary for users to worry about that it cannot d be used continually after upgraded other platforms.

With the ascendant cooling technology, AVC has produced Hercules of AquaCool Series. This new masterpiece pursues innovative & simple design. The integration of water tank and water pump into aqua cooling head improves the performance and efficacy; the polished bottom of head combined with intelligent controlling-temperature effectively improved the stability of whole system. It is more innovative and secure for that body of the machine and water pipe are easy to install and no need adding extra water. As for the product name and appearance, Hercules of AquaCool Series with its own super idiosyncrasy, reveal innovative value and cooling efficacy under simple blackness. It is completely different with the transparent, glaring and complex aqua cooler in the market. This unique Hercules of AquaCool Series certainly will make users long-time enjoying steady overclocking system and mute effect from the simple installation. Moreover, users not need worry about possible short of water and water leaking. Choosing and buying Hercules of Aqua Cool Series will be your “sensible and calm” optimal choice.
Product Feature
Totally enclosed CPU water-cooled radiator adopts integrative minimal design and includes integrated water block and intelligent temperature-control fan. The whole water-cooled system has simple components and is conveniently installed.
The appearance design is black and simple and has “Mysterious, Intellectual and Quiet” wonderful feature. It shows innovative value of patent design and calm effect and obviously separates from transparent, brillant and complex water-cooled radiators in the market.
From this water-cooled product, players can enjoy long and stable overclocked system through easy installation and aren’t absolutely worried about potential water shortage or leakage.
The water-cooled product adopts patent design and especially integrates tens of parts into one, and additionally key parts are all integrated to water block to largely save space and reduce assembly difficulty.
Familiar water tank and water pump are integrated to small black box at the top of water block in order to improve efficiency, save space and completely guarantee circulation of water block.
PWM controls water pump, the rotate speed is controlled by PWM signal outputted by mainboard and the fan’s rotate speed is intelligently adjusted as per temperature for triple balance of high efficiancy, energy saving and low noise.
Have larger heat dissipation area relative to radiator, completely elimiate high heat, improve stability and efficiancy of operation system and prolong lifespan.
Use Neoprene water pipe with special material, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, strong tightness and durableness. It is unnecessary to worry about liquid leakage because of leakage flaw and even key parts and machines seriously damaged.
The machine and water pipe adopt patent design, without water-cooled fluid added but fully play water cooling advantage and more innoviatve and safer.
The water pipe increases to 32.5 cm long so that customers with larger cases or users with middle cases and with the consideration of future are away from the worries of installation and upgrading.
Product Specification
Product Name Hercules Basic
Structure Integrated water block and 9cm PWM fan
Application For users with smaller cases
CPU Power 130 W
Support (Standard) Intel LGA 1156
Support (Option) Intel 775/1366 ; AMD AM2/AM3
Block Material Copper-plated Alu
Pump Dim. Φ71*47 mm
Pump Motor speed 2700 ± 300 RPM
Pump Rated Voltage DC 12.0V
Pump Rated Current DC 0.45A (max)
Radiator Fan Dimensions 92x92x25 mm
Radiator Fan RPM 3000 RPM
Radiator Fan Air Flow 49.8 CFM
Radiator Fan Noise 30 dBA
Tube Dimensions L 325 mm
Tube Material Neoprene
Product Photo

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